June 10, 2024

Why should I buy League of Legends elo boosting?

Improving, saving time, avoiding trolls, climbing, status. Those are the main reasons you should be buying boost, and we will talk about them here, take a look!

Avoiding trolls

This is the favorite from all of us, that Yasuo, or Yone, player that goes in 0/20/2 and blames the team even when it is his fault. Or those Disco Nunu that directly run to die just because you banned Yasuo or enemy team took Yone, those are, actually, the main reason elo boosting exists, and it does its job very well, you, as a player, will not being matched with this people while the booster is in your account, and, if you are playing with the booster, the booster will manage to carry the game, yep, it sounds simple, and, in this case, it is simple.


As mentioned previously, boosters will win almost every game, why? Because they are professionals, well, a lot of them are, not players, not all at least, but a huge amount of them are, and all of them are, or should be, master players or higher, because Master players can carry every elo above them, maybe until Diamond 2. Grandmasters and Challengers, however, can carry even harder in Diamond or Master, specially if they are high Challenger, they probably can even boost in low challenger without a problem.


Simple. The more elo you have the more respect people will have to you, if your friends know that you are Diamond they will always try to ask you for advices, advices you can give them because you watched the booster playing or directly asked the booster for them.


You can actually improve while a booster is playing in your account, because you are spectating him or asking him for advices, also, once you play, you’ll be playing with better players, that means you can learn many stuffs from them and from you, when you stay in that elo, with new plays you can do, it is also improving. Watching streams or even playing with a booster some games helps a lot.

Saving your time

This may be the stronger one in the list, not because it is the simplest, just because, many of the people who buy elo boost, have no enough time to play, you may be one of them, the work, studies, responsibilities, even, family, can probably not let you to play games as you would like to, and you know you can climb elo, for example, because you were Diamond last season, but this season don’t have enough time to play and want to get diamond again, then, you can buy a boosting service. The assigned booster will always have your order done in no time, so when you come back from work, you’ll have another division up, and another one and so on.