October 2, 2023

Buy more League of Legends boosting!

People will say, “no! You don’t need it, you can improve by your own and climb by your own!” And that’s totally true, but the time it will take will be much longer than it will take with a helpful hand. In this case, the elo boosting is the helpful hand, the helpful tool. How? Let’s figure it out:

Boosting can helps you to improve because, if you are near to players then you are most likely to become an excellent player as well, watching them play, watching their skills, their mindset, their skills and all those stuffs will make you think you can achieve what are they: high elo. Master. Grandmaster. Challenger. Constants players that have been playing the game for years and manage to carry games you can’t. That’s because they are better and know how to stomp, how to win and how to overcome. A lot of game knowledge, like almost perfect wave management or perfect roam. Taking at least 20 kills per game, well, not everyone and not in every game, but  the KDA will be very high, also the win rates.

But, how can this helps? Well, as mentioned, near them, most likely to be like them, advices, time, spectating, learning, you can do different stuffs you didn’t do before, for example. Like roaming through the jungle or just walk a specific way, and walking that specific way makes the difference between getting caught and not getting caught. Or find a weak enemy, or avoid ward spots.

There are a lot of small details that makes a huge difference from boosters than from casual players. Usually, boosters are Solo Q carries, even more than others. Due to their capacity and ability to play aggressive champions, jungle mostly, like Nidalee, Master Yi, Jax, Evelynn. A lot of boosters love playing those champions, and yes, boosters prefers some champions than others for their skills or just gameplay.

If you want to learn Evelynn, you can buy a boost, spectate, request an Evelynn player and that’s it. Ask the booster for some advices and notice how he or she can get hard feed in no time, making the game looks easy, and the reason for that it’s because it is easy. Learning those concepts and practicing the mechanics you watched after, are real options that will help you to improve.

You don’t want to boost your main and want to get higher ranks by your own? Perfect! Then you can buy boost on a smurf and then, play in that smurf, without the struggle of winning or losing every time you play, because you are just practicing. With all these things set, we can have an actual belief that buying elo boosting can be good for you, give it a try! There are many stuffs that can be learned from high elo players.