October 3, 2023

The difference between a bad ADC and a good ADC

We all have seen bad ADC’s on our games, those who will try to melee 1 v 1 a Yasuo with IE or Master Yi with Guinsoo and Blade of Ruined King, those ADC who can’t farm because they miss every single CS on the game, eat every hook, don’t deal any damage amount and will probably flame you or flame the team because “no peel”, they are in many games, doing negative damage. Those are bad ADC’s for sure, and you will think, a good ADC does the opposite, of course, farm well, excellent kiting, deals damage, kills everyone and carry the game, that’s totally true, the difference is simple that.

But how can we see the difference in real time? Because is not the same watching a replay of 5 bronzes vs 5 bronzes than a 3 masters, 1 grandmaster and 1 low challenger vs 2 masters, 2 grandmasters and 1 low challenger, the answer is hiring an elo booster to play in the elo you want the booster to play.

This way, the difference will be more remarkable, because all boosters that works for good boosting websites are Master or higher, of course a Master is not the best hard carrying in Grandmaster, but a Master can for sure hard carry in platinum and below, this way, anyone will be able to see the difference, it will be totally remarkable.

If you bought a Duo Boost service you will be able to see it live too, how the ADC booster punish the enemy low elo ADC, his mistakes, his lack of positioning, his lack of CS and so on, making this an excellent opportunity to learn what truly makes a difference from one to another. A lot of factors that the booster knows how to read. A common mistakes from low elo ADC’s is that they don’t ward, because it is “support job”, which is not, it is a work of 2, at least in bot lane, the jungle can help, but we know it will not happen because allies junglers hates Drakes and hates bottom lane, but enemy loves it. Avoiding ganks is actually an art, an important one, image avoiding 10 ganks in a row just because your “ultra instinct” tells you the jungler will gank, but actually, it is not magic, it is just tracking, but, hopefully, the ally jungler will realize he has a good ADC booster on his team and will start playing around him.