November 28, 2023

How to get competitive points in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 presents distinct changes in comparison to the original title. The game now has four different currencies, each utilized to purchase specific cosmetic items. The most exclusive currency is Competitive Points, which are exclusively used to purchase golden weapons. These weapons are highly sought-after, leaving many players wondering how to earn Competitive Points. In this article, we’ll explain how to do so.

The Currencies in Overwatch 2 In Overwatch 2, Overwatch Coins serve as the game’s base currency. These coins can be used to buy items from the rotating shop, battle pass, and select items from the hero gallery. Legacy Credits, which can only be used to purchase select cosmetics from the original

Overwatch game, are only available to players who played the original game and transferred their account to Overwatch 2. Overwatch League Tokens can be earned by watching Overwatch League matches and can be used to buy special event skins from the professional league. Competitive Points are earned by playing and winning competitive matches. The more wins and higher rank you have, the more Competitive Points you’ll receive.

Getting Competitive Points in Overwatch 2 To earn Competitive Points, simply jump into competitive mode and start playing. Players receive 15 Competitive Points per win and 5 per draw. Bonus points are also given at the end of each competitive season, with the amount varying based on rank.

Additionally, players receive separate bonus points for each role (tank, damage, and support). At the end of each season, Bronze players receive 25 points per role, Silver 50, Gold 100, Platinum 200, Diamond 300, Masters 500, and Grandmasters 650. However, losing a match does not yield any Competitive Points.

What to Purchase with Competitive Points in Overwatch 2 Competitive Points can only be used to buy golden weapons in Overwatch 2. These golden weapons are unique cosmetic items that change a hero’s weapons into a glittering golden variant.

The cosmetic effect applies to all physical objects used with abilities, not just guns and main weapons, but also smaller weapons like Ana’s sleep dart, Kiriko’s healing ofuda papers, and Ashe’s ultimate B.O.B. Golden weapons cost 3,000 Competitive Points each, with a cap of 6,000 Competitive Points at a time. Players typically purchase golden weapons for the heroes they play the most.

In conclusion, with the release of Overwatch 2, players have the opportunity to earn and purchase golden weapons for even more new heroes.