July 17, 2024

Phantom or Vandal? What’s better? (VALORANT)

Those weapons are the most loved besides Operator, pros know how and when to use even better than any casual, or when to choose spectre, or Sheriff, or just not buying anything! That is knowledge that pros handle very well, we are not pros, but we can know the basic things about how does it works and more or less how to use it, with that said, according to our knowledge, what is better, Vandal o Phantom?

Phantom deals 150 damage on the head, but the difference from it and Vandal is that the damage decays depending on the distance, the near they are, more damage they get, this does not happen with the Vandal, but what’s the difference? Due to its suppressor enemies can’t track the shots and the noise is lower, also it has better movement, it is very good for attacking and sneaking.

Vandal does not have a suppressor and the recoil is huge, very huge, however it deals 150 on the head regardless of the distance, that’s a plus, it’s a heavy weapon, at least, heavier than Guardian and Spectre, so you’ll walk kinda slow, but then, what does this gun have that can compete against Phantom? Well, the damage itself is a plus, some people say it is better for defense, but this is usually when someone is not that skilled to use it as it should on every way, but for newbies, that works, if you are one, then try using it on defense mostly. Why? Because due to the recoil, it is better and easier when you can hold the sight, watching a position without moving much. That’s something we should think about.

Of course then exists the Operator, that is basically a sniper rifle, but a very huge and letal sniper rifle, and expensive, also expensive, it would be better than these two but more difficult to use, and of course only people with good aim should use it, unless you want to learn and spam it.

The reality is, both weapons, Phantom and Vandal are good enough to compete with each other, there is no a “better one” than the other, since both can do the same somehow, but their uses can be different, making them, different, not worst.

What do you think? Do you think is there something we missed or wrong? Let us know!