October 3, 2023

Overwatch wants to reduce toxicity!

That’s one of the most appreciated things about Blizzard and Overwatch, they actually want to do their best to have the community happy and away from trolls, afk, ragers and so on. Such behaviors are not allowed on Blizzard’s code. Let’s talk about Overwatch in specific, what do they do?

Overwatch stops games with AFK’s after a few minutes when they leave.

Not like other games. Overwatch literally cancels the game after a few minutes and gives a victory to a team but nothing for the other, and, of course, punishing the AFK. With wait queues and, if needed, game bans. In Overwatch a game ban can hurt because you’ll need to buy the game again, and that means money, and the money, specially at these times, hurts. The COVID-19 pandemic make us want to save our money even better than before. Image that you are banned in your favorite game for rage-quitting and flaming, that would be a mess and horrible for your mood.

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If someone rage-quit and the team won without him, Overwatch will tell him that

This is a way to let the quitter know that his attempt to troll was worthless, in case the team is able to win before the game ends by the system, then this will appear on the screen of the AFK. This is because Overwatch wants to show that trolling is not actually a good way to play the game. It will never be the play of the game, they try to keep people IN the game, during the match, to keep it equal.

How can someone win with a rage quitter? Well, sometimes it’s a matter of luck, others, it’s a matter of skill, and to make sure you have someone with enough skill and knowledge of the game, you can always try to get a booster on your team or playing for you. Those players are experienced players that know how to win games, have excellent aim and knows a lot about macro. But make sure to only trust good sites with actual experience and references