May 23, 2024

Annie Blasts Super high Win Rates After Patch 13.3 Buffs

Annie, who has been struggling to keep up with other champions in League of Legends, finally received some much-needed attention in Patch 13.3. The changes to her abilities were meant to improve her gameplay experience, but ended up giving her a major boost in win rate.

Statistics website U.GG reports that Annie’s win rate rose by nearly 10 percent from Patch 13.1b to Patch 13.3, bringing her win rate up from a modest 49.47 percent to a remarkable 57.77 percent.

One of the key changes Annie received is an improvement to her passive ability, which will now be fully charged from the start of the game and when she respawns. Additionally, her shield, Molten Shield, was buffed with increased AP scaling, reduced cooldown, and a new passive for retaliating against enemy spells. To complete the package, her trusty companion Tibbers received enhancements to his health resistances and movement speed.

Following the rise of Annie’s win rate in League of Legends Patch 13.3, players took to the game’s subreddit to express their thoughts. Many believed that despite the impressive increase, the win rate would level out as more players pick up the champion. Some felt that while Annie may currently be a bit too strong, there was no immediate cause for alarm. Nevertheless, some players felt that the champion may need some adjustments in the next patch to balance things out.