October 2, 2023


If you’ve encountered difficulties while trying to climb up the ranked ladder in League of Legends, then you might find the upcoming modifications to the LP system quite helpful.

According to Riot Meddler’s recent statement on Reddit, where he discussed the recently-published video detailing the forthcoming changes to League, players can expect to receive greater LP gains from their wins in ranked games. However, the same principle will also apply to losses. This adjustment will commence with Patch 13.4, scheduled to be released on Feb. 23, and will result in an increase of average LP gained or lost per ranked game from 15 to 22.

Meddler explained that they are introducing this alteration because they are going to have two seasons in ranked this year, as opposed to just one as it was previously. Consequently, sticking with the old settings would not be appropriate.

It’s important to note that although this change affects the average LP gain/loss, players’ individual MMRs will still have a significant impact on their progression following their ranked games until it becomes more stable. Nevertheless, most players should experience a faster climb rate before the first segment of the ranked season concludes this summer.

Meddler mentioned that they will be keeping a close eye on the significant shift in the ranked system and will make necessary adjustments if required. In the end, these new calculations should enable players to reach their true ranks at a quicker pace, which is also facilitated by the recent reduction of five divisional promotion games to three.

The LP adjustments, which will apply to both wins and losses in League’s ranked game modes, will be implemented with Patch 13.4 on Feb. 23. Players should also anticipate a host of other changes in this patch, such as the tweaking of melee support items.