June 13, 2024

Top 3 best Apex websites 2021

When you think on getting an Apex boosting order for your account, choosing the best website to do it is the most important thing since there are thousands of website providing elo boosting services, but not all of them will give you what you want and you want to pay for a legit and good service.

I decided to pick 3 of the best Apex boosting websites on google to see which one is providing the best service, I took everything in consideration, from prices, boosters performances, the support given during the order.

On this task on finding the best one I select 3 websites boostapex.com, virtyshop.com and www.boostify.es.

Let’s start it!



The website is really well done, to select the options you wish to get are pretty simple and they offer from solo to duo options and special packages with discounts.

I select a apex boost solo option for my account, right after I did the payment for my order I was instantly notified via email that my order was confirmed and it was started right after by one of their boosters.

The conversations I have had with the customer support were great, they always have someone available on the live chat to answer your questions and help you in any issue you might have.

The booster was really a nice guy, always asking me to do questions if I have them and updating me of all the progress during my Apex boosting order, the booster got me 4 divisions in less than 12h and getting wins all the time, I can say that the booster was Apex predator for sure.

The prices on boostapex.com are great too, the price you pay for such a nice and good service is insane, I liked it so much that once my order was completed I got another one for my account.

Resuming it, I can say that it was the best website I found online to do Apex boosting orders.

My classification for boostapex.com is 9 out of 10 stars!



Virtyshop was a good experience for Apex boosting, the website offers a lot of boosting services, to select your order it can be a bit tricky sometimes but you get there once you understand the website and how to purchase.

I did my purchase and message the live chat support, the customer support answered all my questions and even helped me on doing my purchase.

My order took around 5h to be assigned, it took a bit more than I expected but the booster did a good job on my account.

I have had some bug issues on the live chat with the booster and couldn’t chat with him, but support helped me and fixed the issue which was nice.

About the prices, they are not as low as I expected and could have been a bit lower, but the booster got the job done without issues so I can’t really complain.

My classification for Virtyshop.com is 6 out of 10 stars!



Boostify.es was by far the worse website I’ve tried, purchasing the order is simple, but after it’s a struggle, my order took around 2 days to be started, I’ve kept messaging the customer support who didn’t really know how to speak English.

After some back and forward the support manage to understand the problem on my order and tried to fix it, they got my order assigned and the booster started my order, the problem is that the booster is not even close to Apex predator, couldn’t get a single win in more than 6 games, so I have had to ask for a new booster.

The new booster kindly messaged me to don’t worry that he would do my order and he did, my order was completed, but boostify.es was the worse experience I have had from all the Apex boosting websites I’ve tried.

My classification for boostify.es is 3 out of 10 stars!