March 3, 2024

League of Legends Season 12 Changes and Season 11 End Date

Riot already revealed some of the new changes that will come with the new season 12.

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For League of Legends Season, 12 Riot will do major updates on Mythic items and Elemental Rifts ( Dragons) and it will be added Challenges for players to unlock outside of ranked games.

One of the first new changes Riot posted was the Dragons, elemental Dragos are here to stay but on the new season 12, now once you kill a second Dragon the terrain changes will be bigger,

Another big change will be the items, on Season 11 Riot came with a new set up of items introducing Mythic and Legendary, for Season 12 items will be even more important, Riot will add new Mythic items and the ones existing will have more impact in the game and which one you choose.

Besides these 2 major updates and changes, Riot will also do some changes in Runes, these are getting also major changes, Inspiration Tree will be fully reworked.

New objective bounties will be added too, now teams that are behind and losing the game have now different opportunities to get back in the game getting additional Gold destroying or killing new objectives.

Besides all these new changes for ranked play, Riot will try this season to have more rewarding challenges for players, these challenges will be added where you have to do specific tasks that players can complete receiving rewards.

PRESEASON 2022 CHANGES - League of Legends - YouTube

These are just some of the new updates that were linked by Riot for now, but once we get close to season 11 end and pre-season starts Riot will deliver all the changes and updates so players can start trying them on pre-season to be ready for the new season 12.

Regarding Season 11, Riot didn’t mention on which specific day it will end, but if we take a close look at the previous season, we can be 100% sure that this season will end in November, between November 10 and 15.

With only a month and a half for the season to end, now it’s the time to focus on the ranked ladder and try to get as high as possible, end of the season means that games will for sure be harder because all the players will be playing at their max to get the final rewards and ranks and you will find boosters in most of the games you will play.

To avoid not being able to receive the rewards you expect and get your final rank before the season ends, you can always choose a Elo Boosting service to help you out on the season end, boosters will help you during this time and get your desire rank without you having to worry about not making it in time!

With all this being said, it’s time soon time to say goodbye to season 11 and welcome season 12! GOOD LUCK IN THE RIFT!