October 2, 2023

Roaming Mid Lane Champions in Patch 13.5

The 13th season of League of Legends has been quite a ride so far, especially in terms of the meta. We have seen everything from aggressive junglers to ranged supports to nerfs in experience gain, resulting in a significant shift affecting all positions in the game. Riot has acknowledged that certain champions are being impacted more than others.

In a recent Quick Gameplay Thoughts post, Riot Games shared its perspective on roaming mid laners. The developers believe that champions such as Fizz, Pantheon, and Qiyana have been heavily affected by the XP changes and are therefore planning to buff all three in the upcoming Patch 13.5.

The balancing team has observed a drop in win rate for some champions, but it is not significant enough to cause concern about their overall balance. For instance, Axes, the lead gameplay designer, mentioned that Yone’s win rate has dropped, but the team still considers him to be in good shape. According to U.GG, Yone’s win rate is currently 49.21 percent, a small decline from the previous patch (49.66 percent, according to U.GG).

Axes further stated that the team believes roaming is too powerful in high-level play and that the game would benefit from a nerf. Although they do not intend to target it directly, they “wouldn’t mind seeing it weakened as a side effect of XP nerfs.”

Overall, Riot is planning to make some balancing adjustments and compensatory buffs to the weaker champions affected by the new meta.