July 18, 2024

League of Legend Season 11 Ranked changes

There have been a lot of changes for this new League of Legends season 11 here are some of the major changes for this new season.

Placements for new fresh level 30 accounts will now depend on your normal games, if you do really well on your normal games, on your placements will be matched with players with a high level also, if you don’t do so good on normal games you will be matched with lower elo players. So it’s always smart to purchase an elo boost for your normal games to get level 30 fast and since it will be done with high win rates and performances, once you play your placements you will be matched with high level players too which will help you to get better.

This season the reset won’t be as harsh as the last few seasons, it means that once you finish your 10 placement games you will be close to where you were on your last season.

Division promotion was removed by Riot too, on this season 11 once you reach 100lp you will jump to the next division, any excess LP goes to the next division once you are promoted.

The downside of not having promotion games now is that Riot also decreased the LP gains and losses, so you will gain less LP and lose also a bit less.

On your games if you get an dc or afk player and if you lose the game, the LP you will lose will be smaller too, helping players to don’t lose as much just because you had afk.

On last few season in high elo, Master + you could duoq with your friends or any other player, this season that won’t be possible, Riot removed duo queue from Master and above, that means if you are close to being demoted and you want to get a little help and get a duo boosting to help you out , that won’t be possible anymore

In Diamond you will have no bank games too, each game played at the Master rank or higher banks a day of activity, up to a maximum of 10 banked days. After 10 days of inactivity, players will start to consume banked days. When all banked days have been consumed, players will lose 250 LP each day until they fall out of Master.
The system works similarly for Diamond players, but is more lenient. Each game played banks seven days of activity, with a maximum of 28 banked days. After 28 days of inactivity, a player’s banked days will begin to tick down. Once those days have elapsed, the player will lose 50 LP each day until they fall out of Diamond.

These are some of the new changes for League of Legends season 11, are you ready for Summoners Rift?